Header Browser's Documentation : F.A.Q.

Why Header Browser is coded in C++ ?
It is very simple: basically, I am a pure C coder. I learn at school how to modify a Unix kernel, and other things like that. But a day I want to learn C++. And what is the better way than to create a complete program ?

Why the code is divided into many libraries ?
I found this mean more simple to manage the project. It is easy to modify a single functionnality, and the source code could be re-used in other projects. And I hate when two hundred source files are in the same directory; it is not very clean.

The 5 columns view have a Macintosh look, no ?
Well, in fact, it is a NeXT look. I have a NeXT® computer, and I find this display very efficient. So, I have try to create a tool like NeXT's® HeaderViewer, but better.

Why does supported languages are only French and English ?
Because it is the only two that I speak. I am searching for traductors. Do you speak German, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, ... ?

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