Header Browser's Documentation : Introduction

What is it ?
When you create functions libraries in C or C++ (even in other languages, but we focus on these ones), you must do a documentation. The other coders who are going to use your libraries have just to know what is inside of your files, what is the API.
Header Browser's goal is to help you in writing these documentations. You just have to write special comments inside of your header files. Here is a simple example of Header Browser comment for a function :
 * @function    cookChicken
 * @abstract    Cook a chicken with the given sauce.
 * @discussion  This function take a chicken, draw it, prepare
                it with the wanted sauce, and roast it.
 * @param       weight    The weight of the chicken.
 * @param       sauce     The sauce for cooking. Could be a
			  NULL pointer.
 * @result      A pointer to the cooked chicken.
chicken_t	*cookChicken(int weight, spice_t sauce);
Processed with Header Browser, these comments will generate your documentation in several formats (TexInfo for Postscript, DVI or PDF output, man pages, printable HTML, ...).
The recommended output format is the default HTML output. It displays the informations clearly and efficiently. Try it and you will never write your documentations by an other mean :-)

Get, compile and install it
The Download page offer to you different files. If you want to get the source code of Header Browser, download the lastest version, unpack it, and read the README and the INSTALL files.
If you just want to execute Header Browser on your computer, download directly the binary relative to your architecture.

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